Behind every Santa Barbara Speaks event is a team of hardworking high school students. Learn more about them below.


Blake Lindblad


Blake Lindblad is a senior at San Marcos High School who serves as the president of Santa Barbara Speaks. Besides managing the team of 22 student volunteers, Blake is passionate about digital media and manages the organization's website and social media accounts. After leaving for college, Blake plans to continue working  with the Santa Barbara Speaks team to plan future events that benefit the community. Passionate about social entrepreneurship, Blake brings his skill set to several other organizations within the community. Blake does enjoy a good Netflix binge, but will also be found playing water polo, surfing, and filming around Santa Barbara.

Jacqueline Caplan

Vice President

Jaqueline Caplan is a senior at San Marcos High School who serves on the Santa Barbara Speaks board as the Co-VP. She has been working diligently with this organization to help plan the Riviera Film Festival. In addition, Jacqueline plays water polo and is a member of the AAPLE Academy. She is passionate about science and loves volunteering at CIMWII to help our environment. Outside of school, she enjoys hiking and going to the beach with her golden retrievers.


Zoe Reifel


Zoe Reifel is currently studying at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. She is pursuing her broad interests in multimedia, design, and the humanities. Zoe is best known for her award-winning film The Tickets and as a principle organizer of the event TEDxYouth@TheFunkZone. When she’s not making short films or designing websites (like this one), Zoe is playing and teaching music.

Gaby Goldberg


Gaby Goldberg is passionate about leadership in many forms. She served President of the AAPLE Academy, and was the captain of the tennis and mock trial teams. In addition, Gaby ran CyberTutorial, an internet-based tutoring program for underprivileged elementary school students. Gaby is currently attending Stanford University.

Tiffany Garcia

(Former) Co-President, Event Director

Tiffany Garcia is currently studying at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. When she was at San Marcos High School, she served on the leadership council of the AAPLE Academy. On the side, Tiffany enjoys working with children at the Salvation Army Adventure Corps program to express their voices. At school, she runs cross-country and participates with clubs on campus.

Daniel Newton

(Former) Co-President, Creative Director

Daniel Newton enjoys the science and invention. When he was in the AAPLE Academy at San Marcos High School, he tutored younger kids in his favorite subjects, and lead a team of high school tutors for the elementary competition, Math Super Bowl. Daniel also played tennis competitively across Southern California. He is currently studying at Stanford University.

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